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More to do with the children



Want some more activities and events to do with your children? Take at look!

Started in 2013, WMSI supports Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education in both formal (schools) and informal (everything else) settings for the curious and inventive individual in us all regardless of age.  We are also developers for STEAM curriculum and technology.


Currently, we offer learning opportunities and development work in areas that leverage easy to use robotics and measurement equipment, low cost computing and electronics, computer coding,and rapid prototyping (3D printing and LASER cutting).

Challenger Sports offers a complete range of summer camps providing separate British, Brazilian and American themed camp programs with instruction for all ages and abilities. Approximately 1,200 British, 100 Brazilian and 50 US coaches are carefully selected by Challenger from over two thousand potential candidates. They are all committed and talented coaches, but more importantly they love children and understand how we teach new skills, build confidence and have fun all at the same time!

The Colonial's Kids Series:


We are also having a Film camp for kids between the ages of 14–18: 


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